When you crack your knuckles you hurt the skeleton inside you

Good, the skeleton needs to know that I am the alpha and I am in control.

Break your own bones to establish dominance over skeleton.

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i’ve sure been doing a lot of binary stuff lately

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How Marvel Characters Eat Their Food [x]


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What even is Achievement Hunter

everything good in this fucked up world

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Check out these awesome Pokemon T’s by Greg Wright

They’re 50% more hype than the T-shirt you’re wearing now, so buy one or thirty! At $20 each, can you really say no?

Well, I guess you can, because this is a free country and all… but why would you say no? you some kind of nerd?

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Cowboy Bebop by Tsunenori Saito (斎藤 恒徳)

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the satisfaction

One time in like 5th grade I had this teacher and she gave us all bottles of shit like this and told us to squeeze it all out and of course we were like fuck yeah and did it and then she said, “Now, try and shove it all back in the container.” Of course we all tried, and then stared at her confused as shit. When we all obviously gave up, she said, “In the moment, you were so consumed with what you were doing that you didn’t realize the mess you were making. Then, after it was so quickly and easily poured out, you realize it is impossible to put it all back in. Remember this for the rest of your lives when it comes to the words that come out of your mouth” and we were like 10 so we were like yeah ok whatever lady, but somehow to this day I think of it constantly. 

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